Medical Manager

Job responsibility:

  1. • Be responsible for the design, implementation, monitoring, analysis, and reporting of domestic and international studies conducted in the early and late development stage with the medical contributions to the activities throughout the process from Investigational New Drug to New Drug Application as well as line extension based on the product lifecycle strategy among molecules in Diabetes area.
  2. • Accountable for the domestic and international clinical development strategy with corresponding molecule(s) in Diabetes area from clinical perspective:1)Prepare clinical documents required from different health authority with effective interaction;2)Design clinical development plan and study protocol;3)Monitor and review medical data for clinical trials;4)Analyze, present, and interpret the data from ongoing and/or published studies;5)Collaborate actively with cross function teams, such as drug safety, regulatory, clinical operation ,data management, statistical analysis etc.;6)Publish data in domestic and/or international academic platform with abstract, poster, presentation etc.
  3. • Participate and support strategic planning and implementation among Diabetes area.
  4. • Interact with external experts from healthcare organization and/or institutions in Diabetes area (e.g., Center of Drug Evaluation, Advisory Committee, Key Opinion Lead).
  5. • Key Opinion Leader management: Identify KOLs, establish and maintain KOL database with commercial partner; Build relationships with KOLs to support clinical and research activities; Effective and scientific communication with KOLs to enhance scientific image.
  6. • Holding CRO/Partners accountable for the high quality standards of their deliverables.
  7. • Internal trainings: Develop, prepare and review training materials; provide medical training to internal colleagues (medical, sales, and marketing).
  8. • Launch readiness: Provide strategic inputs and support regarding brand plans/medical plans; Implement launch readiness activities, such as AB meeting, KOLs engagement, scientific exchange, publication, internal awareness while product is ready to Launch.
  9. Qualifications:
  10. • holding a medical doctor degree, clinical experience is preferred
  11. • Master degree or above
  12. • Study experience, at least one of Phase I-IV or all.
  13. • Good written and oral communication skill in both Chinese and English in the negotiation, presentation, and authoring process with relevant cross function team, medical experts, as well as regulatory reviewers
  14. • Sufficient knowledge of disease area, regulatory, and compliance related to drug development